The sigh of satisfaction

For no particular reason I decided to take on the challenge of reading every single Jack Ryan book every written and to do this in chronological order. Using this guide, I ploughed through the list. I clearly remember entering the modern era of Jack Ryan when the average read dropped from 45 hours to 15 hours. The classic Tom Clancy novels of the nineties had a full novel as an introduction; leaving you to wonder, how much you should be paying attention to the detail. But no matter the length the story telling is great and the historical context is excellent.

So job done. Jack Ryan, Jr, Clark, Ding, Dom and Adara see you again when Amazon resurrect you out of sequence and with less super-hero awesomeness.

For the stats: Total reading time – 585 hours , Calendar duration – 20 months.

The books:

  1. Without Remorse
  2. Patriot Games
  3. Red Rabbit
  4. The Hunt for Red October
  5. The Cardinal of the Kremlin
  6. Clear and Present Danger
  7. Sum of all Fears
  8. Debt of Honor
  9. Executive orders
  10. Rainbow Six
  11. The Bear and the Dragon
  12. The Teeth of the Tiger
  13. Dead or Alive
  14. Locked on
  15. Threat Vector
  16. Command Authority
  17. Support and Defend
  18. Full force and effect
  19. Under fire
  20. Commander in Chief
  21. Duty and Honor
  22. Truth faith and Allegiance
  23. Point of contact
  24. Power and Empire
  25. Line of Sight
  26. Oath of office
  27. Enemy contact

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