Reading list 2018 check-in

A list of completed and planned reads for the year:


  • Your first triathlon, Joe Friel
  • Switch on your brain, Caroline Leaf.
  • Let the story to the work, Esther Chow
  • Tips for living (fiction), Renee Shafransky (Prime punted).
  • Go, Kazuki Kaneshiro. (Prime punted, didn’t realise it was a book for teens!).
  • True Fiction, Lee Goldberg. (First in the Ian Ludlow series).
  • Debt of Honour, Tom Clancy (Book 6 of the Jack Ryan series). One of the 1000+ pages classics.
  • So good they can’t ignore you, Cal Newport. *stand-out read.


  • Little Bets, Peter Sims.
  • Lean Six Sigma for services, Michael L. George
  • Executive Orders, Tom Clancy (Jack Ryan epic, book 9).
  • Heaven, Randy Alcorn.
  • Find your why, Simon Sinek.
  • Building a story brand, Donald Miller.
  • Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman

Next on the shelf:

  • Keep your love on, Danny Silk
  • Scaling up excellence, Robert Sutton and Huggy Rao.
  • Immunity to Change, Robert Keegan and co.
  • Zone to Win, Geoff Moore
  • On writing well, William Zinsser.
  • The barefoot investor, Scot Pape
  • Story Driven, Bernadette Jiwa
  • Sprint, Jake Knapp.

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